Lasting trend

It's somewhat bitter sweet that hand drawn logos are considered a "trend of 2014". Of course I appreciate it finally getting attention, but as we've seen with all trends, they don't last. However, since hand lettering has been around for centuries I think it's safe to say it has a little more staying power than most trends.

In a Timely Manner

I'm not the type of person to post about my accomplishments, but a few posts ago I mentioned I wanted to do a series of lyrics I liked "but series take time". However, in about two weeks I added the lyrics series to my homepage! I've been working hard! It's a personal project though and those are always the best to work on. I hope it motivates all you hand drawn typers to take the time to do projects you love. It's definitely one of those "never work a day" things.

I'm taking a break for the weekend though, cheers!

Summer Cleaning

It's a little late to call it "spring cleaning" so I improvised. I've been going through all the things I use to find inspiration in (images, Stumbleupon, Pinterest, etc.) and removing anything that no longer inspires, or motivates me. It's crazy to see what use to inspire me when I was a designer newbie, seeking inspiration from things that I thought designers should be inspired by. I even pined a mint green hair style, which was the first to go! No offense to anyone with mint green hair, some people can really rock it! I, on the other hand, should probably never try. It's a great feeling to confidently delete "oldspirations". It's reinforced the fact that I finally know who I am as a designer.

Now, I'm inspired by the world I chose to surround myself with. Lucky for me I chose to live in "the greatest city in the world" and I'm a traveler at heart. I don't think I'll be running out of inspiration any time soon.

Musically Inspired

I'm seriously thinking about doing a personal project of lyrics I love. However, projects take time, and time is never on a New Yorkers side. In the meantime I'll leave you with a sneak peak of a project soon to be.

I Normally Don't Do This But...

I normally don't pay much attention to all those "shared" articles cluttering up my newsfeeds, but I love this! Besides the fact that photography is an art-form I highly appreciate. It's a reminder that you never know who you might inspire, have a negative influence on, or vice versa, all due to a random conversation at a place you might never remember...


if it wasn't for a photo.

In the Meantime...

One day you'll realize what you're doing, why you're here, why you're with who you're with, how you got here, and who you are, and suddenly it will all make sense, but in the meantime...CHEERS, and "ride the wave".

Child of the 90's

Yea yea yea I know, this commercial isn't new but I still think it's done so simplistically well! First of all, let me just say, I am a Chrome user, but this commercial spot on NAILS their demographic! As soon as the pogs part shows up they sold me. Incase you haven't seen...

Another Day at the Office

Got to spend the day at Yankee's Stadium! It was my first trip there. Actually, it was my first trip to the Bronx in general. Not a bad view, I must admit! Obviously threw a few instagram filters on this one, but who doesn't these days?

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I've been in a Lord Huron mind set lately. A lot of their music is about traveling, whether it be for a girl or pure pleasure. I found this on the beloved Pinterest. It's definitely one of my favorite Huron songs! As an added bonus, I have been through the desert and across the see, I've also walked through the mountains and wondered through the trees...

Lord Huron- She Lit A Fire