Summer Cleaning

It's a little late to call it "spring cleaning" so I improvised. I've been going through all the things I use to find inspiration in (images, Stumbleupon, Pinterest, etc.) and removing anything that no longer inspires, or motivates me. It's crazy to see what use to inspire me when I was a designer newbie, seeking inspiration from things that I thought designers should be inspired by. I even pined a mint green hair style, which was the first to go! No offense to anyone with mint green hair, some people can really rock it! I, on the other hand, should probably never try. It's a great feeling to confidently delete "oldspirations". It's reinforced the fact that I finally know who I am as a designer.

Now, I'm inspired by the world I chose to surround myself with. Lucky for me I chose to live in "the greatest city in the world" and I'm a traveler at heart. I don't think I'll be running out of inspiration any time soon.